Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I never want to see chocolate cake AGAIN.

So it's been a while since I last updated, since my laptop is pretty much on its last legs and keeps dying pretty much every time I try to update. But anyway.

We've managed to blitz a fair few things off our list in the last month, one of the biggest and most difficult being the famous Slattery Chocolate Challenge. This challenge is NOT for the faint hearted, consisting of not only a MAHEUSIVE slice of rich chocolate fudge cake (with 4 layers cemented together with extra thick fudge icing!), 2 large chocolate cups (as in, cups made from pure chocolate) filled with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream, and 2 small chocolate cups filled with liquid milk and white chocolate. AND 3 chocolate discs and a large hot chocolate. Sound easy? Think again!

3 of us went to attempt this challenge, but only I managed to succeed (after about 2 hours when all the ice cream had melted and my brain had gone fuzzy from the sugar overload). Safe to say, I will never be able to look at chocolate cake in the same way again.

The other big list achievement was going to Whit Friday for the first time as spectators! Having heard the college brass players go on about it for so many years, I've really wanted to go for ages! So it was really exciting to be involved watching the wonderful Middleton band. We sang "It's a long way to Tipperary" loudly and proudly, and happily munched away on chips and gravy as the band competed throughout Tameside. And as is customary on any occasion involving brass bands, of course lots of pints were consumed. It was a long but fun day, and Middleton even managed to win a couple of prizes (clearly down to our amazing singing!) so a great day was had all round.

In other news, we completed our dream diaries, (Jemima had a running theme of transport, I had one of dogs). Also, we bought a steak and cheese subway for a very grateful tramp who we found after half an hour of walking around town...just off of Piccadilly Gardens. When I can get my laptop sorted, I'll post the video we made of this charitable act. We've also attempted to start work on my mess of a back garden, but thats most definitely a work in progress, there's still a lot to do! We did make some very tasty tasty home-made lemonade to help us along in the heat though. And we're going to give blood next week, eek!