Sunday, 12 August 2012

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

Well, it's a year since Jemima and I made the list, and so far we've not particularly gotten very far with it. Saying that, since the last blog update, we have made a MASSIVELY OBSCENE PUDDING WITH EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IN IT - including Angel Delight, whipped cream, jaffa cakes, sweets, dairy milk, ice cream, strawberry sauce and a whole manner of other diabetes-inducing ingredients. (It was disgusting.)

We also rode a Mechanical Bull in the shape of a wine bottle at our end of RNCM Summer Ball (there is picture evidence for this somewhere but I think it's safer if it stays off this particular blog, as they weren't the most flattering of photographs). And we've cleared out all our junk at a proper early morning car-boot sale.

However, we've still ticked only off 18 out of 100 things, which in a year isn't a great record. And without the security of student loans when September hits, money is far tighter than it has been before, at least until we can manage to find ourselves decent jobs.

But it's not all doom and gloom, as we've spent this afternoon figuring out how many things on the list (of the 82 things still to do) are free or less than £10 each. There's at least 23 things that are free, and 21 things that are cheap enough for us to be getting on with, which will push us past the half way point of the list, which would be great! (And gives us time to save up money for the more expensive things, like going to a Michelin Star Restaurant or staying overnight at Alton Towers!)

Today, we initiated our "culture swap", something which we could do for free without even needing to leave the house! We gave each other a book, DVD and one other miscellaneous item that meant something to us that the other has not yet discovered, and wrote a card explaining why we'd chosen what we had.
Silence of the Lambs, All the Small Things
 and Monkey Island
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Wuthering Heights and
a challenge to cook fragrant rice in the rice cooker
 (something I never use because I hate it!!)

The whole point of the Culture Swap is to gain an insight into what makes the other person tick, discovering things you've never found yourself before that have been a big or important part of someone else's life, and sharing that love. I'm really looking forward to reading Wuthering Heights and watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, not so much about using the rice cooker haha. I hope Jemima really enjoys Silence of the Lambs and Monkey Island (the best computer game in the world ever), and I know she'll love All the Small Things!

Now we just need to get on the rest of this pressing flowers, sending a message in a bottle, writing a groovy pop song and maybe even GIVING BLOOD (eek!)