Sunday, 25 September 2011

Makeover shoot and Mastermind

The list is still pottering along slowly but surely...
Latest achievements have been taking part in a Makeover Shoot and for myself, being in the audience of Mastermind!

First of all, I was lucky enough to be invited to be in the audience of Mastermind by my friend Gemma (unfortunately there was only one spare ticket so Jemima couldn't do this one with me). The day was really interesting, seeing exactly what happens behind the scenes that you obviously don't see on TV, and to keep the audience entertained during the long breaks where the crew would have to reset we had a comedian! It was a fun experience that I'd love to try again sometime, though this time with Jemima so she can tick it off her list too!

So, the makeover shoot. Well, Jemima bought this experience with New-ID studios for my birthday back in February, but we've not had a chance til lately to make the most of it! We were both very excited to go along and get pampered for the day, and have a team of lovely ladies make us up into beauties.

The day started off with a nice glass of complimentary Buck's Fizz (which made us feel exceptionally classy) whilst I kept Jemima company as she had her hot pink hair re-dyed to a slightly less intense red/pink. Then we both had our hair cut, although I had to make up a story about how a "trainee at Supercuts had ruined my hair" because I was too ashamed to admit that I had attempted to cut it myself.

With both of us looking better already after having our hair tidied up professionally, we were then moved on to the make-up chair, but not before another cheeky Buck's Fizz was handed to us. I was slightly worried after previous 'make-up artist' exploits that the lady would cake me in make-up and leave me bearing an uncanny resemblance to those girls you see on "Snog, Marry, Avoid", but the experience was wonderful. Of course, they have to put a little more make-up on than you may be used to because of the impending photoshoot and the lights they use, but I came away from the chair feeling prettier and sexier than I had done in ages.

After waiting around for a little while we were both called in for our photoshoot. A series of pictures in a range of our 3 outfits, mostly with the photographer telling us how to pose but we were able to contribute our own ideas, so I managed to get a few publicity shots with my clarinet. Also, my favourite picture that was taken was when we both randomly grabbed some teddy bears which were lying in a 'prop box' in the corner and ran into the shot giggling manically. The photographer loved it and eagerly snapped us acting like crazy kids.

Unfortunately, the pictures are very expensive (although we got a very good deal). Thankfully we can pay monthly so we can actually afford them! And believe me, for the self-esteem boost alone, they are well worth the money.