Thursday, 31 January 2013

2013: Let's ring in the changes.

Well, as far as New Year changes go, I suppose this post is a little late.

A lot has happened in the last 6 months, and whilst the majority of it is not suitable for a public forum such as this blog, unfortunately circumstances that have arisen that mean that I will hereby be completing the rest of this list on my own.

Well, that's not strictly true. That would be pretty dull, wouldn't it? Especially as the whole point of the list was to have fun and gain new experiences. Anybody who wants to join in with me completing the challenges is more than welcome - just get in touch!

Obviously money is still an issue with a lot of the items on the list, so the focus is more on the cheap/free items. Next week we'll be having a Star Wars Marathon (Complete, of course, with Star Wars-themed food and drinks, light-sabers optional) which I'm really looking forward to - especially as my new housemate has never seen Star Wars before, which frankly is a criminal offence. I have to say that I've never watched them all back to back before. Bring it on!

As for items that have been completed in my absence....ooooh I've been part of a Flash Mob! A youth amateur (in name only, let me assure you, they are phenomenal) dramatics group called MyUK which have hubs all over the UK, including Manchester, are performing Les Miserables (school edition) at the Z-Arts Centre in Hulme in February. (I'm so excited, I'm in the band and it's one of my favourite shows!!!)
Anyway to promote the show, we took to the Trafford Centre and emerged as if from nowhere to sing one of the songs from the show, One Day More. It was videoed and went on YouTube, and has achieved over 20,000 hits so far. Incredible. (And terrifying how many people have seen me playing the flute...!) You can watch it below. Come see the show, it'll blow your mind!